Outdoor Brick Masonry Oven

This in an excellent example of expert craftsmanship in outdoor brick masonry ovens!  Designed and built by Domenic Livoli of Upton, Massachusetts and Marty Pearson  of Plainville, MA. Thanks for sharing these photos of your outstanding trowel craft work!

Marty Pearson installs Tulikivi stones. His website is StoneComfort.com.

Domenic Livoli: President of Livoli Estimating Service of Upton, Massachusetts–
National Masonry Consulting & Estimating Firm. Specializing In Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Preparation Of Masonry Estimates For Projects From $50,000 To $10,000,000. Custom Estimating Spreadsheet Design.
Email:    dlivoli @ charter .net
Website:   http://www.livoli.com

Outdoor Masonry Brick Oven
Outdoor Masonry Brick Oven

More pictures of this project during construction follow.
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